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What does success mean to you?

Up until 2014, success was not something I really thought about!

You see to me success was millionaires, celebrities, people who were earning five six and seven figures. It was not a single mum working 50-60 hours a week to pay bills and supply her son with everything he needed.

When things started to turn around I had tunnel vision. Success I was told, was about making money, and then increasing it. Making as much as I could to stop working. “Often I would compare myself to everyone else earning big amounts of money”.

As a human being we judge ourself’s harshly, and feel we are not good enough. Always feeling were unworthy of things we want most in life. I was constantly asking myself “Why am I always failing at everything I do?”. I was told that my wildest dreams was there for the taking, If I just put my mind to it.

It seems that with the promise of greatness, came high expectations, and it’s not just me.

Along with my self I had friends that suffered with daily panic attacks. Some where signed of work with stress related illness, some even on medication for depression. Others limp from day-to-day feeling lost, not knowing which way to turn. This wasn’t the life I wanted. I needed to understand what “my success story” was because at that point I would never make it. Taking a step back and evaluating what I stood for and what I wanted was my biggest step forward. Also the best thing I ever done for my self.

Changing my mind-set, the people I surround my self with, and the way I actually think about things, was the first step in the process. You see for some people the money, fame, big fancy cars, big houses is all part of being successful. But that’s just not me.

My success is based on what I can achieve within myself. how I change as a person, but its also about being able to help as many people as I can while I am alive. Its about showing people there is more to their life, and helping them achieve their dreams and goals. I am only just starting to work out my success story, but one thing I do know is its only getting better!

Gemma x

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