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What 2020 means to you?

Guest writer Rebecca Adams International Life & Business Mastery Mentor™ -UK

2020 has been quite emotional on so many levels but I would definitely say that it is the year of true awakening for so many people.

As you read this, I want you to think about what 2020 means to you. What has it allowed you to do? What has 2020 made you realise?

Have you had time to spend with family? Have you been able to slow down, pause and stop from being on the rat run? Has it made you evaluate your life, work, job, relationship, business, goals, friendships etc? Has it made you realise that health is important? Has it made you think that you may have been taking things and people for granted?


For me, the entirety of 2020 has been life-changing.

I entered the year dancing in my living room to Craig David on the tv, Big Ben chiming and watching the London firework display. Little did I realise the massive impact and decisions I would be making this year would be huge!

I hadn’t been well since Nov 2019 but I still showed up for my clients and audience, did my work and delivered 100% - as I always do. And, in March 2020, just before lockdown, I found myself in the theatre at Bath RUH and was given all the all-clear of no cancer.

5 days later our Prime Minister took the UK into official Lockdown. Lots of things changed from that point. We weren’t allowed to go out apart from to the store to get food and I had to tell my PA for my son that she couldn’t come to work but she was still getting full pay.

That was the start of my whole life-changing in a few weeks and a lifechanging decision of moving back up north being made.

I had lived in Wiltshire for 18 & half years but from the lockdown being announced I knew, as a person who loves the freedom of choice, my spirit and whole being couldn’t connect or align with it. So, I was over the moon when we were allowed to go out for walks but then the queue-ing started, lack of toilet roll and pasta etc and people panicking.

My 22yrs old son has special needs and I had gone from working from home with him having a PA / Carer to me now caring for him 24/7/365 (and I still am right now). He didn’t understand why his beloved things were closed, like the cinema, museums, pubs etc. So, he started regressing and attacking myself and his sister as well as self-harming. These are things he does anyway when he gets irate, angry, has his “red brain” (as I call it) and it’s something I’ve dealt with for years but when you are constrained to being indoors

constantly, it does take its toll on your anxiety levels, mental health and everything. This whole lockdown has affected my son immensely and I will say he has coped enormously well considering.

For myself, as I master in mindset, I have submersed even more into the quantum leaping and elevation of that. Focusing on my work, my clients and audience and staying grounded and humble throughout this whole thing. I have gifted people money for food shopping and been an ear for people who aren’t coping very well. But, I will say the negativity of social media has started to drip feed into my head that I have been affected by the anger, rudeness and been attacked online too.

I decided I will not have that so I don’t stay on social media a lot (on the scroll) as you can actually be drawn into the toxicity of it all. The one thing I’d definitely say is that you need to be at peace with yourself, awaken to your truth, set boundaries and stay focused. Honour your feelings and emotions and know that you have choices available to you but always know that you can change your thought processes and unlearn things.

Moving myself and my children with the Law of Attraction is something that I did this year, even though it was a lot of work to do – putting everything into storage, moving 3hrs away from Wiltshire and not having a home to go to for 6-7 weeks. The knowing and believing in the Universe and knowing it's supporting me and everything works out became the driving force from May 2020 – August 2020 and I am so pleased that, even with the negativity that was and is still going on in the media, I didn’t stop, falter or quit – and I never have. I am now in a lovely 100yr old house with my children and it’s the best decision I have made.

The final thing I want to write is that you and only you are in control of your emotions and thoughts. Make sure you are feeding yourself with positivity every day and doing things that inspire and motivate you. Empowerment is the key and working on your mindset to know what you think about manifests. Everything can go right when you think and know and believe it can.

Take time out, if needs be, meditate, journal, do EFT, pray – whatever works for you and know that you are enough, you are strong and you are not alone. Reach out and speak to someone. Don’t ever feel or think there’s not a way through – there always is – you just have to believe it even if you can’t actually see it. (It’s like gravity and love – you can’t see it but you know it exists).

Rise up and stay focused. Remember to breathe and relax too – you owe it to yourself.

Rebecca Adams x

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