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Staying True to "me"!

So we are just over halfway through the year And that means I am 6 months into living ‘my word of the year’.

This year instead of making resolutions I decided to go with a word of the year (A friends Idea). Something I can live by to guide me forward and keep me moving me in the right direction. So this January I picked my word and started my year but as I was going through my word didn’t sit right. The word I chose was not what I was living by so I change it. My word needs to impact me and my life and be bug enough to fill the year, but it also needs to sit right with who I am.

I have found myself learning about me and who I am, So this years word become ‘Learn’. LEARN.. who am I?, what do I want?, what do I want to achieve?, who do I want to impact people? these are just some of my questions I am learning this year. Its easy as a life coach to get lost as your always thinking of others and their well-being you can quickly forget about yourself.


I have come to realise that by trying to do too much, I am not putting my heart and soul into anything. So this year, I promised myself I would try. I stopped trying to juggle everything and Learnt to say NO to things. I also decided that each year I would learn something new, whether that be a course to improve my business something to help myself or something that will bring value to my clients, either way, I will Learn something new.

I have learnt that is easier to commit to small steps than one giant leap. As some who loves big ideas but gets bored by details… is kinda challenging.focusing on the end goal does not serve me well either.. the goal is often too big, it will take to long- so I had learn to break it down into chunks. Then focus on each step and the process with the end goal in sight.

What the last 6 months has taught me is learning new things can be hard but it is so worth it. even if it is just for fun it doesn’t matter, as long as your happy and enjoying it then go for it. Don’t run away when it gets hard because believe me you will regret it. You need to stay focus and don’t get distracted by the shiny object syndrome (next best thing) as it takes you away from your original plan.

Stay true to who you are, learn as much as you can and live your best possible life!

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