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Saying Sorry!

Making an apology can be hard, but meaning it and owning up to what you did is always hard. Here I give you some tips for apologising and owning it!

Use ‘I’ sentences, your owing you did wrong. Apologising is about owning up to what you did. You’re excepting your wrong-doing in the said situation. Making sentences like “I am sorry your feeling are hurt” or “I am sorry your angry” implies that it has nothing to do with you, and more about them. SO DONT EVER USE THEM!

Instead, say “I am sorry I hurt your feelings” or “I am sorry I made you angry,” this says you owing your shit and you did wrong. Using ‘I’ sentences shows you are sorry for your actions. Your more likely to be forgiven by the said person this way and it shows you realise your mistakes.

Justifying your actions is denial. Don’t justify your actions it shows you in some way are denying what you did. You don’t need to justify your self to anyone, but when you do something that accidentally or purposely hurts someone you need to say sorry. Be honest and open but don’t be defensive, ” I am sorry I hurt your feelings I did not mean it” or “I am sorry I made you angry I was joking”.

You can explain your self but don’t ever justify what you did you will always sound bad especially when people get hurt. People will be more inclined to accept your apology if you give a reason, not a justification. An explanation with a total admission to guilt it best way to do this.

Don’t use the word ‘BUT’. Using the word ‘BUT’ is never understood it is always seen as an excuse. JUST DON’T USE IT!

Don’t ask for forgiveness! This is most definitely not effective in most cases. If a person wants to forgive you they will. You don’t need to ask!

Make a change. Your apology is worthless if you continue to repeat the same mistake. When you apologise you are making a verbal commitment to do better. DO NOT REPEAT YOUR MISTAKES!

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