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Reflection on lockdown!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Today I read an amazing email from my best friend (yes I am subscribed to her email list), in it she reminded me just how easy this lockdown is compared to if it had happened back in 1990,s. You see back then we only just started with the internet (March 1992) and then it was not available to everyone. Back then I lived with my mum and 3 other siblings my mum worked 3 part-time jobs just to cover our bills and pay for our birthdays and Christmas. Sky tv (or whichever you use) was not available in many homes as people couldn’t afford it it was not even talked much about.

Contact with family and friends was all through a lined line, especially if you couldn’t afford a mobile phone (which by the way was not light to carry) I got my first phone in 1999 a Motorola (it just about had Internet it was paid for at 50p a day as it actually charged you for every page you visited). It was connected by GPRS and guaranteed it took quite a while to change pages. Your home internet was dial-up meaning it loaded and then when in use you could not have phone calls into your home as the internet run through your actual phone line.

Nowadays we have Netflix, amazon prime, sky tv, virgin, BT, and much more along with mobile phones, Ipads, Tablets, laptops and much much more. You see we live in a different time now contact with family is easier even thou we can not be with them. Phone calls are mostly FaceTime so we can see and interact with friends, and we have so much access to tv programs and films that if we watched everything we wanted lockdown would be over with films left to spare.

I get that baby’s teenagers and young adults may not get this as they have lived a different life. We as adults know different and when we were little we used our imagination to create things. We played in the garden, we slept in tents and we built our dens with whatever we can find. Maybe now is the time to show our children what we can do with basics let their imagination run wild, build dens and sleep under the stars maybe its time we stood back and realised just how lucky we are with what we have instead of thinking bout we don’t have.

Life can be fun with our kids we just need to show them how to do it without technology.

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