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Not-So-Lovely Work Friends

What happens when you cant stand the colleagues at your workplace? Take a step back and change how you view the situation!

We all have to make an income to help support our family. Whether it is one parent working or both, in some situations your a single parent working and running a home. Most people go out to work they get jobs, you could say their job is just somewhere they visit for money. When it comes to your colleagues it’s like having a family, you most certainly cant choose them, And when you add in pressure, professionalism and conflict, it’s just one big HOT MESS.

Most of us at some point in our career have had worked with someone we don’t like, It’s always bound to happen. They come in different shape and sizes but a common one is the one colleague you’re in competition with. You know the one you may actually like if you weren’t too busy fighting for your boss’s approval. My biggest pet hate is the one who does not pull their weight, Leaving you to pick up the pieces every single time. Then there is the one you don’t like for no good reason (Yes I have been there). The thing was she was lovely yet we just didn’t get on, there was the atmosphere when we worked together, even pull each other over little things. When I look back now I feel we were probably just in fear of each other’s strengths and feared they would magnify our weaknesses.

It’s me, not you!

Most time when we find someone who is really trying us, Often its because we see things in them that we dislike in our selves, or have been told we shouldn’t like. When you see the bold colleague that frustrates you, ask your self why? is it because they distract you from work or because you’re afraid to be like that?. The most difficult person is the one who is happy to let others pick up the slack. As someone who has been there… I was always picking up after others. So I decided to take a stance, and leave the slack for them after a while they got the hint. Nothing wrong with a subtle comment, maybe ask if they struggle with the workload. Just don’t be rude.

Getting along with any colleague especially ones who annoy you is hard work on its own. But you can make it a little easier for your self. Instead of seeing people as the competition, Appreciate them for pushing you to try harder. Laziness is a reminder that we need to find balance within our life and workplace, aggression can be a sign someone is really unhappy. No matter what we have to work with our colleagues so for your own happiness make the best of it. You are cogs in the same wheel and you need each other.

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