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My lows in Network Marketing!

When I started in network marketing I had one son who was 14 at the time and I was working 50hours a week in care/support work.

I was approached by a woman who I didn’t know but was lovely, at first. I said NO I wasn’t interested in working from home as I couldn’t fit it in. How could I fit in working from home when I worked 50 hours a week. After being shown the potential I decided to give it a shot. I was hooked!

So when I started I was told I was only to have one business opportunity and make sure you have 5000 friends. Then I was basically told now go contact all your family friends and unless they say no stop harassing me or block you, you keep going back to them. Also, the other one is you have to post at least 3-5 times daily at least, one post has to be a product, one business post, and a lifestyle post, the list goes on guys!

So I started doing my post’s, but I was starting to dislike what I was becoming, I thought this was meant to be fun. I don’t do selfies, I don’t do lives, so how was I ever going to become that person who earns money like everyone else? How can I post lifestyle post when most days I was working? I couldn’t be consistent, it just was not me. It just didn’t seem doable to me. My upline only contacted me to tell me when I did wrong or to push my self more. never to tell me how to network or to offer support.

I never had much to post about, there was the fact that I didn’t really want to post about what I had bought, or that I was going on holiday. I don’t really want everyone knowing what I had in my house or when I was away. With that being said my upline's were making 4, 5 and 6 figure earnings so surely they knew best, but I couldn’t be consistent, it just was not me.

After 2 and a half years of making no money being scammed and lied to, I decided I just needed a break - I had had a baby who was 4 months old I couldn’t continue until I learnt more about what I was doing.

I was coming to the end of maternity, it was Feb 2017 and knew going back to work was not an option but I need to know how the industry worked. That was when I was introduced to several of the most amazing and down to earth women, I could have met.

Their only goal was to help other men and women reach their own goals. In a matter of weeks, these women had me really starting to believe in my self. they worked with me daily, if I needed a call they would ring. They would even ring me just for a chat. Everything we did and worked on was all about me and what I wanted. These women never treated you like a number you were a person and your opinion mattered.

In June 2017 a woman I know introduced me to a strong, intelligent and Inspiring woman. This woman was Rebecca Adams she showed me what I can be, what helping other people can actually do for you as a person but also your business. Since meeting this woman my business has done a 360. I am earning money, something that has not happened to me since joining network marketing.

This woman has achieved so much yet not even scratched the surface of what she is capable. If I can become half the businesswoman she has I know my 2 boys will be secure for life. My goal now is to help anyone I can earn from their business, and not struggle like I did!

I would love to know about your experience in network marketing and How it has worked for you!

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