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Moments of nurturing yourself

Nurturing other people has always been my passion!

Whether that was working 60 hours a week supporting people with disabilities and invisible illnesses. Working in a nursery teaching young children or my life coaching helping people realise their potential and becoming a better version of them selfs. It was only when I became a mother for the second time I realised how vital it is to nurture myself. Having suffered the consequences of not nurturing or lack of self-care off myself, I decided it was time to own my shit (sorry for the language).

As a busy mum, I don’t want a lengthy routine or it to be complicated. Having a 16-month-old baby and a business to run. I don’t want anything that takes up to much time. I mean who does?.  Most people want something simple quick and easy that they can turn to anytime they need to.

So here are some tips on how to nurture yourself.

A simple walk – Just 5 minutes is enough. This is to stand tall and just have the feeling of moving your body. Also, take in and notice all the beauty around you.

Healthy snacks – Swap your chocolate and crisps for healthier snacks. Over time swap your traditional meals for healthier choices. You will feel a big difference within yourself as cooking can be therapeutic. But as always start small and work your way up.

Drink water – I know its cliche but drinking more water really helps your brain function and clears brain fog. With every glass repeat your intention ‘with this drink I nourish myself.’

Bedtime routine – Creating a routine before bed will transform your relationship with sleep. Plan your routine making sure you have a digital detox hour as part of your routine. Include things that make you feel relaxed eg bath, clean pjs, reading, meditation.

Listen to music –  We all know music is a great healer. Listening to music that lifts your spirit makes you feel good and inspires you, will really lift your mood.

Infuse scents – We all have favourite scents which remind us of happy times. Use them scents/smells to allow yourself to experience a sense of peace. Even if its only for 10 seconds just savour the moment.

Don’t worry – We all stress over things that’s a given. But what about the things we cant control?. Some things are simply out of our hands and there for it, We cant do anything about it then just let it go until you can.

Deep breathing – For 1 minute just close your eye and breath in and out slowly. Don’t do anything else just breath, and feel the sensation of the calm.

Gentle exercise – Do simple and gentle exercises. Taking 5 mins to do a simple exercise will really help lift your mood.

Be nice to yourself – Don’t be afraid to compliment yourself on looking good, feeling good or achieving something no matter how small the goal. We should always love ourselves, so always give yourself a pat on the back for anything you achieve.

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