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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Too many lives are gone too soon through suicide but it’s happening every day…

Social media plays a huge part in our daily lives, and people are so consumed by posting how ‘amazing’ life is when it mostly it is not… This leads to ill feelings and people not being aligned with them selfs. Whether it be celebrities, influencers, or just people made to feel they HAVE to portray the perfect, happy life.

I have always been told never to post when I was ill, when anything was going on in my life, or when I was feeling down, always be positive, hid the lows and portray the ‘perfect life’ fake it till you make it.

All the while my world was falling apart, which lead me into a complete mental breakdown. It makes me think, how many people are doing this, how hard must it be on these celebrities and influencers who have to put the show on, when they’re not ok?

So much pressure is put on them to be the ‘perfect’ person when perfection doesn’t exist 

When you go against your values, when you portray happiness when In fact you’re falling apart, when you’re not aligned with who you are, – you will fall apart!

How about this.. we all realise That these ‘perfect’ lives were comparing ourselves too on social media, are nothing but someone else’s highlights. Instead of believing all the smiles, understand how someone is on the inside, not just what they post on social media.

For the person reading this and going through a rough time- It’s ok, life is hard but you will be ok.

It’s ok to talk about the bad bits, it’s ok to be real, it’s ok not to be ok all the time. It’s ok to have those day or weeks where life rips you apart because you will pull yourself back together

Real life happens behind social media and away from the camera.

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