Life Lessons Learnt!

When I started looking back at my life, I have come to realise just how much I had learned, Or how much I could help other people!

Over our lifetime we often think we don’t have much to offer when in fact we have so much more than people think. over the last year finding my passion and creating my business really showed me that life has a way of… pointing us in the right direction. It also showed me that I had more power and determination in me that I never knew existed. We are so quick to beat our selves up but we never step back and look at what we really have achieved.

Here is some lesson I learned along the way!

Lesson 1

Life doesn’t always (ever) go according to plan! Always in life, we plan for things yet it never seems to go the way we want. We stress out, get annoyed even shout at the wrong people. I mean we have all done it. But have you ever took step back and looked at how many times your plans have never worked out? When life throws these curve balls at you … STOP, BREATH AND EVALUATE. I know it sounds simple but often enough we instantly go for the latter. When really it never actually get us anywhere. 

Lesson 2

Wishing you were starting from a different place is pointless!  We all have at one time or another wished we were further ahead than what we are. Yet have you ever thought that we are where you are meant to be? As people, we get so caught up in wishing we were at a certain point in our life when in fact… you are in the right place. Our knowledge and expertise come from the lives we live and from the knowledge we gain with everything we deal with throughout our life. so enjoy the moment and just know your on the right path, and except your own starting point.

Lesson 3

Acknowledge the past and it will help you move forward! Looking at things ‘as a whole’ is one of the most important things you can do. I always help my clients to revisit their past and accept what happens. Your past is your past and you learn so much from it no matter what has happened. accepting it and looking at it through a different lens will always make things clear and will also show you how far you have come. Don’t be so hard on your self. You have come so far.

Lesson 4

Taking a step back does not mean you have failed! At the start of a journey, it can often feel uneasy and tedious. Our minds will resist the changes to old habits. but sometimes when we feel overwhelmed and tired its ok to STOP AND STEP BACK. Sometimes we need to adjust things or simply take time to reflect. Once we do that often see how far we have come and realise things just take time and that’s ok. 

Lesson 5

Experts are helpful but only you can really make a difference! Experts have tools to help but you need to do the work to get the benefit of it.

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