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Know Your Worth!

Keeping your beliefs alive and maintaining who you are is huge. Stay connected and keep true to your values!

You would think that being a life coach, speaker, and number one bestseller co-author means that I have my shit together. So did I, until recently when my self-worth just came crashing down and I was just sobbing on my own and felt worthless.

My trigger was a pretty bad week everything going wrong my youngest son was throwing up constantly, I was sick, my course I launched didn’t hit the targets I set and then a family issue arose meaning my course had to be rescheduled for a new start date. My self-worth was low.

At that moment when I was feeling so crap, my friend’s voice popped into my head “family & health come first”. I knew this had always known that but yet I still allowed self-doubt set in. And that’s normal it happens to everyone some just won’t admit it.

Why had it got to me?

We all have a breaking point, just when I am ill mine so really low. That’s because I am already feeling sorry for myself. But my youngest had been ill for 3 weeks with no answers from doctors just that its viral, and then all the little things that bug me. I just got to the point where I was like I am failing as a parent, a fiancé, a coach and just at life.

But I wasn’t, I just thought I was. I was allowing all the negativity into my life and the more I allowed it the more it came at me. I was attracting so much negativity it was takin over me. and then I hit my low self-worth. This was not me, it was starting to take over my life very quickly that I had to stop it now before it controls me.

And I did without a doubt doing my gratitude daily being thankful for what I had and looking back at my crap week and seeing the positives and there was some. I found I had more strength than I knew, I built a trampoline for my youngest son, I read a book I had wanted to read and I even made a five-year goal.

Just because I had not done what I set out to do that week did not mean I had failed in any way. It just meant that that week was meant to go on a different path and it was not the right time for my goals to be met. As people, we often attach so much emotion to things, that we get so worked up when something does not go our way. We forget about any of the good things that happened that actually taught us something or impacted us in a way to change.

Top tip!

Don’t worry what other people are thinking or saying about what you have been through or are dealing with. they will never get it as people suffer differently. If you have a crap week don’t worry or stress, Just have you off week deal with it go over it find out why, find the good parts (there will be one or two) and move on. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

And if your stress relief is jumping in puddle or rock pools, going on a night out with friend’s and letting your hair down or simply eating a nice cake with a cup of tea or coffee in a coffee shop and reading a book then go do it. You don’t always need to be so "adulty". You can be a little child like at time’s you never know you may just enjoy it!

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