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A Detox from Backstabbers

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Whether you are in a relationship, a Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur or a Network Marketer, we all build our life and business the same way…..relationships!

When you have been burned by people in your past your whole circle of friends gets smaller and you start to feel like your on your own. Who can you trust? who is honest? all these questions go round and you cut your self off. You allow it to control your life.

Building a relationship is key to be able to socialise, having a partner or building a business whether it’s a friendship, a customer, partner, people you want to work with or just having a foundation of trust so you have someone to talk to…. it all starts with your relationship with a person.

However, I have met my fair share of people who will happily backstab you just to steal your thunder, your partner, A quick sale, or even to steal your clients and customers. But how do we recognise these people and even better avoid them?

  • Listen to your gut. Your gut is rarely wrong. When you have a bad feeling about someone, or you have the feeling that the working relationship just won’t work, follow your gut. Many times I never followed my gut only to be stung by a so-called friend. Do ask yourself questions like ‘what made you feel that way? Did they fail to answer the questions you needed answering? or was it just that gut feeling you got when talking? these will help you understand your actions better.

  • Do they come across as passive-aggressive? Do they make a joke that is really a dig just disguised? Do they pretend to care about your ideas then just undermine you? It can look like they actually care but really you can hear the sarcasm in there voice which is totally directed right at you….

  • Friendship/relationships. Do they have long-term friendships/business relationships? friendships are key with people and I totally get people fall out for many reasons, but when people fall out with the same person then that’s a huge sign there. If a person can’t keep friendships or business relations in order or even resolve things peacefully that alone says a lot and its key to keep that in mind.

  • Ownership. This is also a must taking note how they react when either they make a mistake or caught in a lie can say a lot. Do they own their mistakes, or do they pass the blame onto other people? if they are passing the blame then big no to work. The last thing you need is someone who is not trustworthy.

  • Fair share or donkey work! To me when your involved with someone whether be work, friendship or relationship everything goes both ways. You share the workload, you do things as a team, you make decisions that suit both people not just one person. So… Do they do their fair share or do they leave you to do the donkey work and then take all the credit for it?

Now I am not saying this list is definite but, these are what I have personally experienced. I do think you should take these things into consideration and ask your self the questions. I believe it will really help you and give you more clarity.

Toxic people and relationships can really knock you off track for years and not just emotionally but also financially as well. Sometimes it can take a little while to realise your in a toxic business/friendship and it can be too late to get out. With that being said, if you feel like something ain’t right now, then get out now before your tied into something that you really can’t get out of.

Do not stay in a partnership for money, emotion or time invested it’s really not worth it. Moving forward is key to riding the toxicity, So … tune into that instinct, really listen to it and avoid the negativity. Karma really is a bitch, But only if you are!

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