Find and accept yourself

There comes a time in our life when we have to accept that we are who we are. Any changes made to our lives is on us, No one else can make the changes for us.

Everything that happens in our life should be because we chose to do it not because we were told what to do by other people.

Life can hard enough for some people without others adding to it. It took me a very long time to accept who I was, to realise that what I wanted to be was not for everyone else and that I was different. I love helping people I enjoy seeing people achieve goals and dreams. Yet I couldn’t understand why everyone was not like that and that some people just want to knock people down. And they would do and say anything to get what they wanted.

Many people will have something to say about how you dress, what job you do, how you bringing up your children, where you live, even who you chose to live with. All this along with many more things in your life will be criticised at some point. Now it's your choice if you take them on board and listen or you kindly say screw you and follow your own gut. Cos believe me listening to all this garbage will only lead you down a road that will destroy you because you won’t know where to look or what to do.

People often think that their advice is the best advice so with that being the case just think about this for a minute. If you took the advice of every person you listen to so that being your mum, your dad (who will often have different advice) your nan and grandad (possibly), school teachers, aunties, uncles, your friends, your friend's partners, then if your brothers and sisters are old enough they will give you advice, and then all the other people we come into contact with like doctors nurses, therapist, lawyers, police, the list goes on your talking about 1000’s of people in your lifetime.

Think about this for one minute pause this podcast if you want... imagine trying to implement every piece of advice you were given, you can’t can you because you know that it’s just not possible.

Firstly you probably can’t remember every single piece of advice you were giving because some of it didn’t even relate to you, some of it made you feel sick, and some was even were against your own values and beliefs

Secondly, all the advice of everyone you meet would contradict its self massively why? because we all have different opinions.

Thirdly not everything that worked for one person will work for you. We are all made different we all work differently so something that I implement in my life will not work in your life because you are different to me.

Fourthly it's your life to do with as you please so at the end of the day whatever you do in for and around your life is for yours and your family’s benefit. Your the one who has to live with the consequences of your actions no one else.

I can pretty much guarantee that if your actions hurt someone else and you said oh but Fred down the corner shop said it’s ok, likely hood would be well just because he did it doesn’t mean you had to. I am also pretty sure Fred would either Deny giving advice or say well It worked for me.

And again this is because we are all different and people Will always react differently to things than someone else.

So go do something for you and enjoy every minute of it


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