Dimensions of Change

Our values are connected with our emotions; if we get angry its normally because our feelings have been hurt, or something we care about is being destroyed!

These simple steps could help Transform your life!

Purpose You need a clear, inspiring, heartfelt purpose. How clear can you describe your purpose? Does it make you want to get up each day? Do you get emotional thinking about

Team You always need a huge team or even personal team. You do however need support and guidance as each and every person does. How can you create your tribe of people who believe in making a change just like you?

Engagement You need to engage with the outside world to be able to make a change. How well do you engage with people? How often do you engage with people from all walks of life?

Culture You need to be apart of a culture that matches the scale of your purpose, But also that fits with you as a person. Ask yourself “Where can I find this?

Results You need to be 100% clear on the results you want. You also need to be real with yourself about the outcome of your results. What is your short-term goal? What is your future goal?

Inner Journey The journey will be long and you will go on an inner journey that matches your outside journey. That is fine as it will help you so much. How can you learn? What qualities can you learn along the way?

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