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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

When the time comes to make the changes in your life you have so longed for, you need to surround your self with the right people to support and guide you! When your creating change within life, you need to find the right people and relationships that will help support your dream. Create a relationships that will not only support you but you support them. Don’t allow someone to drain your energy and make you feel like you need to fight for there time. If that is happening then continue to read as this is for you..

  • You want people who won’t hide behind a front Instead, they will show a little vulnerability. They will admit when things are hard and difficult and they won’t pretend to be ok.

  • A friend won’t complain all the time, they will be optimistic. They will help find solutions even though they may vent a little and they won’t ever be stuck in “moan mode”.

  • The right person won’t always offer you advice but they will offer empathy. They will offer understanding when something upsets you. instead of judging or trying to fix the situation.

  • They won’t criticise but they will show compassion. your friend won’t gossip about other people be catty or make snide remarks. They will care and guide you in the right direction.

  • A friend will not do tough love instead, they will show kindness. They will never tell you to get over your problems, but they will challenge you gently with love for your own benefit.

  • Do not keep people around it they are completely dragging you down, you are better than that you also deserve so much more. Respect yourself and others will follow suit.

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