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Courage - something feels hard!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

What is courage? – it’s a push we give our self, to stand up, speak up, and show up. It’s that push when something feels hard, scary, or uncertain. – Mel Robbins

A question no one really asks because we just associate with an act of bravery, reacting without fear, traveling the world on your own, or in some cases people who are celebs or icons and are in the public eye.

Until recently I never thought about what courage was. I just associated it that soldiers,  people in the public eye, or people who could do things I couldn’t.

What if throughout our lives we had always shown this without even realising it?. That even the smallest of things we had done we had shown courage and bravery.

What if doing the simplest of things meant you change a moment or a habit in your life? What if getting up each morning was so hard yet somehow you push through and got up? How about going to the shop, cooking a meal, getting washed, showered, or even making a drink?

When I was at my lowest point all these things took courage to do. WHY? Because all these things related to my illness… depression. All these things I just couldn’t do, I felt low, lost, and useless. That these things didn’t even matter to me. Yet I found the courage to get up and do them.


Because deep down I knew that each of these things is a daily activity people do. Most people do these things without even thinking.

Every day we will take things for granted. We don’t consider things we do as courageous yet we judge our self too harshly. We need to remember that courage will come in all different ways, depending on us as people.

Always remember that no matter what you do, going through or living through you are courageous!

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