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Beating Busyness

Wanna improve that too-much-on-your-plate feeling? then try these small steps!

If you ask most people these days how they are, Most people often reply with “oh you know … Busy”. Yet ….. technically that’s not true. You see we aren’t really Busier than previous generations: We just feel busier. Really this is good news as it shows us that the problem is psychological, which means the answer maybe psychological too. Although telling people we are busy is our way of boasting, because we feel that being busy will mean us to be more important.

TRY WORK-LIFE IMBALANCE. This sound perfect but in reality, we can end up more stressed out. There comes a time in our life when our energy cannot be shared equally. It just won’t work. My advice just try focusing on one or two things at a time. You will probably perform better as a colleague or parent when you’re not spreading yourself thinly. GO ON JUST TRY IT.

GRAB A NOTEBOOK AND PEN. If you are anything like me I always have a notebook and pen near to me. Also, have a spare just in case. Over time I have come to realise that if I don’t write things down I won’t ever remember things. Our brains are made for coming up with ideas, not to store them. Over the many years, I have lost so many ideas due to not writing things down. All because I never made a note. DON'T BE LIKE ME

KNOW YOUR LIMITS. There is always going to be another email, extra dishes, more housework, messages etc, but you need to know when to stop. We all struggle to get on top of everything it’s the same thing all the time. So why not plan your time more wisely. Set a time and dedicate set times for each task, once times finishes reset it and move on to the next thing. You may just get little more done.

IMPORTANCE TRAP. We always tell our selves that we will do the important things when we have more time. Yet we never get round to doing them. That is because we think by doing all the little trivial things first will somehow benefit us more. But it won’t, so when setting a time for your tasks the first task of your day should be spent dealing with something that really matters. All things will get done.

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