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A teenager in lockdown:

Guest Blogger: PHOEBE ADAMS - Blogger, Vegan Advocate & Aspiring Model - UK

So you might be thinking, what's the difference between an adult or a child in lockdown and a teenager. An adult is like Australia and a teenager is Great Britain... just because they both speak English does not mean they are the same thing. So just because they both understand what is going on in the world, does not mean we handle it the same. There are the most obvious things like we miss our friends and other family members, going out, parties or events, having the holidays that we planned but from my experience, our minds are such a dangerous place.

Us teenagers don't know everything yet, we overthink almost everything, we easily make emotional connections to people, we fear the future, we don't want to speak but we want to be heard. We don't want to be seen but we want to be noticed. We want to be individual but we don't want to be lonely. I cannot say this is the same for all teenagers however it's how most of our minds work.

Teenager, in general, is something you cannot explain, a teenager today is some next-level stuff. But it's dangerous to leave us with our own thoughts like we could change as a person completely, we can cry, laugh, be annoyed, scared within the space of 5 minutes. We are naturally under so much pressure that we adapt to it when there is no pressure anymore (currently there isn't the pressure of school) we cannot control ourselves.

We are so used to being under the pressure to impress everyone else, impress our parents with grades, impress teachers with intelligence, impress friends with popularity, impress our fans with a luxury lifestyle online, impress that girl/boy in our class with our appearance when we have an opportunity to BREATHE and to be ourselves, we just aren't there anymore and that thought gets to us.

Just know it is okay to have your emotions bounce all over the place, it is okay to experience this just as long as you get yourself back.

To the parents; Just let us be. Be the best teacher's you can be and just let us figure it out by ourselves, when we need you we will go to you, you can offer the help but please don't be offended when we reject. We are scared, but we are strong, that's how you raised us. Just let us be...

Guest Writer

Phoebe Xoxo

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