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 Happiness Habits Series hosted by Lauren Lindsey – 3rd May 2019.

Lauren Lindsey is the founder of the Happiness Habits Series which is live on Facebook every Friday. I was truly honoured when Lauren approached me to be apart of the series.


Lauren’s mission is to show people that every one is different yet we can all achieve greatness in life. In this live we talked about mental health, simple strategies and life with mental health.


Click the picture above to watch the interview!

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Speaker at the Ignite Live Event April 11th-13th 2019! 

Rebecca Adams is the founder of the Empowerment Convention IGNITE Live Event. I was full of gratitude when I was asked to attend & be a Guest Speaker at the event in April 2019 in Bath, UK.

This event is all about bringing the people together so that you are feeling EMPOWERED, MOTIVATED, CONFIDENT, FIRED UP and to get you ready to CONQUER THE WORLD!

YOU need to attend IGNITE. This will be an experience of a lifetime!

Click the picture above to check out what its about!

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Featured on The Pramshed!


So happy I was asked to be featured on The Pramshed (a lifestyle blog mixed with the hometruths of parenting, interiors and careers).


Here I share snippets of who I am and what I am about so go check out my interview by clicking the picture above.



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International Interview (28th Nov 2017)!


I was so honored and humbled to be invited to the interview series as 1 of 30 international entrepreneurs by Rebecca Adams. Some of the questions I did answer where…

⋅How do you preserve setbacks?
⋅The best advice I have been given?
⋅The one goal I will fulfill in 3 years?

I shared some golden nuggets within my interview and I am so pleased and grateful I got to share my knowledge with a lot of people. Who knows you may have seen it and implemented just a few things into your life….? Click the image above

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Live interview with Rebecca Adams November 2018!

I was honoured to be invited to be interviewed and talk to Rebecca for a second time was just mind blowing. 


It was amazing to see how much I had changed and grown over the last year. So many laughs, tears and smiles shared through out the 30 Entrepreneurs.


All interviews are incredible and only 4 are from last year. Yet you can see the passion and confidence has grown so much. 

Click picture above to gain access to the Series and receive the IIS 2017 FREE as a Bonus too!

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My “Beyourown” online magazine interview – 12th September 2018!

I felt extremely humbled & blessed to have been contacted by Sam and her team to be interviewed for Beyourown.

 Of course I said yes and why wouldn’t I?

I was featured on multiple social media platform’s including Sam’s own social media accounts.


It was an honour working with the team and in this interview I shared so much value and you get to know me more as person as well!

Click picture above to see the entire interview.

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Guest speaker on A Podcast Hosted by Wayne Clark – Jan 7th 2019!

Wayne Clark is the founder of the podcast Talk about it Friday. I was honoured to be a featured guest on his podcast to talk about being an author, mental health and our lives.


Wayne’s Mission and Passion is to deliver great podcast where he interview’s a wide range of people from all different backgrounds from authors, to entrepreneurs, life coaches, mental health discussions, Gamers, You Tubers, Indie singer songwriters. 

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