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Courses & E-books

Part of my coaching is to offer a paid course to help people who prefer to work alone
Self Awareness Course

This is a self-awareness course and It is designed to help you move your life forward.


It will help you discover yourself and find a way that works for you.

Within this course, you will learn to build a routine that suits your needs but works within your time frame, how to be productive, affirmations, and much more.

This is a journey that you need to take to help you gain control back in your life. 

Click the picture above to gain access 
Course cost $40

Connect with your Email List.png

This Ebook was created to help you stay connected with your email list.


Within in this Ebook you will find several ideas that can help you connect with your email list. 

Click picture above for access!
Ebook cost $7

Tips to work through Depression.png

This is a free Ebook to help guide you with gentle tips to get through those crap days.


Those days where you don't want to do anything ~ this will help!

Click the picture above for access!

Ebook cost: FREE

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