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What you really need to know is that what you're feeling right now isn't going to last forever!

You know that sinking feeling that you may experience when you're getting up to go to a job you don't like. The feeling of self-doubt and uncertainty.

OR you have to do something that you really don't want to do.








Those mornings when you feel so low that you don't want to get out of bed because you feel tired and completely wiped out and you wish you could skip a day, week or even a month!

I was that person! I would never get out of bed unless I really had to and I would sleep as much as I could because I felt tired, lifeless and pretty much useless.


Let's Create Your New Life Today!

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Do you want to change your life?

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I remember when I was at that point - I had to make a tough choice......

Continuing the way I was most certainly NOT AN OPTION!! 

I know that I wanted more meaning to my life and more for my family. I was just not being fair to them. 

I also knew that it wasn't my fault I was that way but how to change was not going to be easy. 

And YOU can too!!

I want to help you implement things into your life so that you can get them done. Even just one thing at a time, I can help you do just that! 

I want to help you to change your life so that you can become your own success story!















I am ready to help you change your life today!

Are you ready to do this?



My Background

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Gemma Gilfoyle is a Mental Wellness Mentor and is qualified in Nutrition, Psychotherapy and Life Enhancement. She is an Amazon #1 International Best-selling Author, Podcaster, Life Coach and she is studying NLP.


She specializes in mental health and has been featured in BEYOUROWN Magazine in Sept 2018. She has also been on Rebecca Adams' International Interview Series 2017 and 2018. Gemma has also been a speaker at the Empowerment Convention IGNITE Live Event in 2019. 

She loves podcasting and has her own podcast called "Worthy Minds" and has also been interviewed and been on other podcasts over the years. 

Gemma helps people to focus themselves to take time to love themselves to not give up and to never quit. 

She lives in Liverpool UK with her family. She is a mum of two boys and enjoys spending time listening to music, reading books and watching films. 


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